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What to Expect on Surgery Day

Each facility has different procedures, please review what to expect on surgery day for the facility where your surgery will be performed.

Wood County Hospital

1) Surgery registration process:

  • Check in at the Surgery Reception Desk.

2) Surgery preparation process:

  • You'll be escorted to the pre-op area and prepared for surgery.
  • A member of our surgical team will meet you.
  • You will be asked to remove your clothing and put on a hospital gown.
  • You will have your blood pressure, pulse and temperature taken.
  • After you are prepared for surgery, two family members may stay with you. They will be asked to wait in the waiting area when you are taken to the operating room.

3) After surgery:

  • You'll go to a post surgery recovery area.
  • Your surgeon will talk with your family in a private interview room after the surgery.

4) Same day surgery:

  • Your nurse will provide you with "going home instructions" before you leave.
  • In addition to having a responsible adult to drive you home, you also will need a responsible adult to remain with you for 24 hours.

5) Patients staying overnight:

  • If you are staying overnight following surgery, you will be transferred to a private patient room and your family will be given your room number.

6) When you are ready to go home:

  • Your driver can pick you up at the designated patient pick-up location, south of the main entrance.

Fostoria Community Hospital

  • A hospital gown will be provided for you to wear. Your personal items will be stored in a bag on your cart.
  • Your vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature will be checked appropriately.
  • Anesthesia personnel will speak to you before surgery if your procedure requires sedation or anesthesia.
  • Family members are asked to wait in the surgery department waiting room while you are in surgery. Your surgeon will talk to your family in a private consultation room following your surgery.
  • Information about your medical condition and surgery can only be released to the person(s) you designate upon arrival.
  • You can expect to receive IV fluids until you are discharged. The nurses will encourage you to drink fluids, if appropriate. Food is not suggested at this time.
  • If you stay in the hospital overnight, you will be taken directly to your room from the surgery area. Your family will be notified of your room number.
  • Verbal and written post-operative instructions will be given to you prior to discharge.